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Drug Related Crimes

Drug Related Crimes Attorney in Biloxi, Mississippi

If you are accused of cultivating marijuana or manufacturing a drug through a chemical process, you could be facing federal or state charges. Distribution of controlled substances can also be charged harshly and so it is extremely important that you have a strong legal representative on your side if you were accused of this offense.

In the most serious drug crime cases, you could be charged with a federal drug crime. When the crime involves trafficking controlled substances across state lines or country borders or distributing the drugs across the country, the case could move from the state level to the federal level. This means that you will be up against such government organizations as the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Not every attorney is able to handle federal cases, so it is imperative that you choose a legal representative with experience in these types of offenses to defend you.

Whether you were arrested for an offense regarding methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, or prescription drugs, your first step should be to get in contact with my firm. We understand how frightening and confusing it can be to face these types of charges and so will do everything in our power to help you. We can help you explore alternative sentencing such as a drug diversion programs or work-release programs so that you do not have to spend time behind bars. Especially in cases where this is your first offense or a non-violent offense, you should be able to avail of these alternatives to jail.

Were you accused of a drug-related crime in Mississippi? Your first step should be to secure aggressive legal defense so that you have the best possible chance of getting your charges reduced or even dropped.

Drug charges in the State of Mississippi are not only difficult to fight, but also carry harsh penalties if you get convicted. If you are facing drug-related criminal charges, you will need the help of an attorney right away to get the best possible outcome.

There are several different types of drug offenses which you could be arrested as well as varying different degrees of penalties. From simple possession to drug trafficking, you can be confident that my team can help you every step of the way.

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