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William Carl Miller

William Carl Miller (he'll tell you to call him Billy the first minute you meet him), grew up in Biloxi, the son of a military man and a Keesler civil service worker. After graduating high school at sixteen, he dropped out of college to join the Navy on his seventeenth birthday. After four years of proud service, Billy opened a nightclub and started a rock and roll band. Rock and roll took him on the road for nearly three years, but when the band broke up Billy knew it was time to get serious about school. He spent the next nine years in school, first obtaining his English undergraduate degree from the University of South Alabama in 1983, then receiving a scholarship to obtain his Master's in English Literature from South in 1985. Ole Miss Law School beckoned, however, and Billy turned from English professor to lawyer, admitted to practice in 1988 and finding his bliss.

He is more likely to tell you a story about helping an old man on social security battle a predatory lender than he is to tell you about his first million dollar judgment. Those who know him best marvel at the ease with which he deals with people from all social classes and backgrounds, and the way in which he treats a client with the smallest of claims in the same manner as his multi-million dollar corporate clients.

Respected by judges as a man of his word, admired by clients as a tenacious advocate, and praised by his fellow lawyers as a civil and fair litigator who strives for common sense and quick solutions to problems, Billy Miller handles all of his cases, whether criminal, family law, personal injury, business litigation, wills and estates, or whatever challenge that comes to his firm professionally, diligently, and with a caring heart. For nearly thirty years he has given voice to the voiceless and strength to those in need of protection. You are invited to ask your friends and neighbors...chances are Billy has represented more than a few of them over the years. We thank you for your consideration of our firms for your legal needs.

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