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Throughout our 30 years of trusted, competent service and representation, we have learned to handle the needs of all parties in a case while pursuing the best resolutions for our own clients. We'd be happy to help you with any of the following family law services.

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The one certainty when divorce becomes necessary is that life will change dramatically for everyone involved. The legal counsel you choose may have a major impact on issues ranging from your parental rights to how assets are divided and the support you will pay or receive. Knowledgeable, firm and aggressive counsel is indispensable to a successful outcome for you.

Over 30 Years of Experience in Family Law.

The divorce process can be complicated or simple, based in large part on how you and your spouse interact. The more the two of you can agree upon, the easier (and less costly) it will be.

Whether your foremost concerns in this traumatic time involve your children, division of assets,your emotional well-being or other matters, you deserve a lawyer focused on bringing you justice, peace of mind and closure.
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Child custody and parenting time are by far the most commonly disputed issues in Georgia divorce cases. Many fathers and mothers are understandably desperate to protect their most important relationships and their influence over their kids.
They often have radically different views of what custody arrangement is in the children's best interests.
Mr. Miller is adept at explaining custody options and guiding parents who can reach an agreement on a sole custody or joint custody settlement through the necessary legal steps. In all situations, he emphasizes achieving a workable outcome and minimizing trauma and disruption for each child. His proven strengths and capabilities extend across the spectrum of complicated matters, including:
  • An Attorney Who Will Fight For Your Children As He Would For His Own

  • Dedicated, widely respected Mississippi family lawyer William Carl Miller will do everything possible to protect your children and your future with them.
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Adoption is one of the most complex, emotional, and highly scrutinized areas of law. The right of parents to control the destiny of their children is cherished and protected – it is neither easily broken nor easily attached.

We can help you and everyone involved in your family enjoy this experience.

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We never charge a fee unless we win your case, and we offer a risk free consultation. We can come to you - whether it be your place of employment, your home, or at the hospital - in order to give you the legal representation you need to get justice.
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